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Posted on January 5, 2012


SIA Membership for Students

Sign up to be a member now to enjoy all the perks!

Just bring along your Matric Card, Passport Sized Photo and Completed Form to the SIA Booth on Level 2 Foyer! Sign ups can be done next week, on the spot without requirement of the Department of Architecture letter.

First 50 Sign ups will receive free gifts, courtesy of SIA.

Download the Membership Sign-up form HERE!



SIA Senior Architect – Student Mentorship Programme


The Singapore Institute of Architects is pleased to invite student members to participate in this Mentorship Programme. Under the programme,

1. SIA student-members will be assigned to respective Senior Architect Mentors for technical guidance in their architectural education for a period of one year, with option to extend till end of course of study.

2. Student-members shall be privileged to seek technical-counsel on their course work with their Mentor at a mutually-convenient schedule.

3. Mentors will provide the opportunity for student-members to gain valuable insight into the practical aspect of architectural design and practice. This may be via site visits or even attendance at office project briefings, if appropriate.

4. Mentors will acquaint student-members with the design and building process, construction methods as well as problems and solutions of architectural practice and design, with an overview for them to understand the entire design and implementation process.

SIA believes that it is the moral duty of the present generation of architects to nurture the next in order that the practices evolve in an environment of excellence. This will also enable student members to establish a professional relationship with firms at an early stage, and bridge employment expectation gaps between student and firm, if and when students decide to work with the same firm upon graduation.

The Institute believes that this programme can contribute significantly to uplifting the overall state of architectural practice in Singapore.

We look forward to your participation in this programme.
Please complete this form and return to SIA by 30th April 2012.


Mentorship period is in accordance with the school calendar beginning August.

Thank you.

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