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Posted on July 26, 2011


Every city has stories. Our daily lives form the script, and we are the characters. Architecture provides for the dialogue, backdrops, transitions and tones. Every year, students from the department of architecture, NUS, articulate their idea of how the built environment should/could be. Their processes are just as much a part of the story.

Post-Script examines selected works and the efforts of their progenitors. Ranging from undergraduate to post-graduate content, the exhibition illustrates the widely varying approaches to architectural discourse. The chapters are a chronicle of journeys laid out with equal parts care and abandon. And as with all stories, there comes a time to pause and look back on the paths we have chosen.

The beauty of a library lies in its provisions for intimacy, custody and wonder. There are the grandest ideas balanced upon collections of tiny  moments. The Architecture Society aimed to capture this aspect of chronology for their school’s year-end exhibition. Post-Script alludes to the various narratives which amalgamate year after year the growing pedagogies of the school. When confronted with the challenge of presenting the overarching framework through the products.

Of individual efforts, the society chose to adopt the approach of the librarian in cataloging these scripts. The trajectory of a student project culminates in a final critique, thereafter entombed in portfolios and book shelves. But the appraisal and interrogation of the work is just as much a part of the process as the research, design and refinement is.

The society asked what a collective, living portfolio would look like. A ‘public’ portfolio for all to see. The scaffolding was utilized in response to the conditions of the site (Ministry of Information, Communication and the Arts), an atrium converted from the space between two historic buildings. By creating a literal frame, the large rolls and models as well as the tall space were emphasized and given prominence.

Just like any student project, the result was compounded by our peers.

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Text: Srisaravanan
Photo Credit: & Lloyd Ng, Master of Architecture, Class of 2011

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